Getting Smart is Easy!

The Simplest Way to Save Energy, Time, & Money

Instant Alerts, Anytime, Anywhere

Stay connected with your home when you're on the go! Receive real-time alerts directly to your phone, or control devices from your app. Stay in control, no matter where you are.

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No Complex Installation Required

Our products are designed for simplicity. Enjoy the benefits of energy savings without the stress of intricate installations. Just connect, set, and start saving!

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Key Features

  • Energy-efficient automation
  • Real-time alerts to your phone
  • User-friendly, no complex installation
  • Simple automation and connectivity
  • Seamless integration with your lifestyle
  • Quickly connect with other existing hubs, if you already have Amazon Alexa or Google Home
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Simplify your life

With Smart products from Third Reality, you can create a Smart environment without any complex installations! Automate your home or Office in minutes, using our Hub or Alexa or Google Home. Set up in minutes! Easy Pairing. Start saving!

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Currently, delivery to Jamaica is approx 2-3 weeks

We appreciate your patient as we begin shipments to Jamaica. We hope to have local supply available on island soon!