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Third Reality

Home Protect Bundle

Home Protect Bundle

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Gain confidence with our 3R Protect Bundle, protecting your home. Notifications to your phone of any activations gives you peace of mind when you're away. 

Includes: 2 Door Sensors, 2 Smart Switches, 1 Motion Sensor, 1 Water Leak Sensor, 1 3R Hub Gen2

Door Sensor: Receive notifications directly to your phone if door sensor is activated;

Water Leak Sensor: Alerts both your phone and sounds locally, when unwanted water is detected.

Motion Sensors: Can trigger an action and notify you of movements. 

Smart SwitchRemotely control or schedule lights to turn on, even when you're not home. 

3R Hub Gen2: The Hub is all you need to pair all devices and start controlling the via app. So simple to pair and set routines straight from your phone. Nothing else needed!

Use at home or office for security and convenience.


Other devices to further protect your environment:

Temperature and Humidity Sensor with Digital LCD Display

Vibration Sensor












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