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Third Reality

Home Sense Bundle

Home Sense Bundle

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Automate your home to suit your lifestyle. Save energy with smart triggers. Alerts sent to your phone and locally with no complex installation! 

Includes: 1 Motion Sensor, 1 Smart Button, 2 Smart Switches, 2 Smart Plugs, 1 3R Hub

Motion Sensor Multiple ways to use with Alexa routines. When movement is detected, turn on a light, send an alert to your phone, let Alexa make a voice alarm, etc

Smart Switch This app-controlled switch fits both toggle and rocker-style switches, allowing you to save energy and have peace of mind from any location.

Smart Plugs Offers convenient remote control of up to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi devices, as well as scheduling and timer functions to help you save energy.

Smart Button 3 control settings - Pressed, Double Pressed and Held, A remote control for smart home devices or groups, to take care of routine actions with just a button.

3R Hub Power on Smart Hub Gen2 and quickly pair with devices using our App.  Super quick and simple connections.


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