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Smart Blinds - NEW

Smart Blinds - NEW

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EASY TO INSTALL WITH USER SUPPORT Simple installation, No Wiring. Supports inside mounting and surface mounting.

We provide 24-hour after-sales support and 1-year warranty.

GOOD SHADING AND MATERIAL Durable hot-rolled non-woven fabric and aluminum foil, waterproof and smooth. Special aluminum foil design can block off UV rays and offer better insulation performance that can save more energy. It also can shade up to 90%, which provides absolute privacy and dark environments to improve sleep quality.

FIT MOST WINDOWS 13 width options (from 27-inch to 39-inch). The height can be set arbitrarily (within 72-inch). The innovative bottom sensor design automatically detects the bottom window sill and will stop running.

SMART CONTROL Supports both online and offline control.

Online: Smart Blind can directly connect with 5 versions of Echo Devices (including Echo Plus 1st Gen, Echo Plus 2nd Gen, Echo Studio, Echo Show 10, Echo 4th Gen) and smart ZigBee hubs that can work with Alexa (like SmartThings and Hubitat). After the connection, control the Smart Blind via voice command or app.

Offline: The infrared remote control and local control button on the Smart Blind are also available. Your choice of control.

USES AA BATTERIES- EASY TO REPLACE Smart Blind is powered by 4 AA batteries which can last for 6 months with normal use. Battery case is at the bottom of the curtain, which makes it very convenient to replace.

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